Advantages and misunderstandings of Strong booster

1. Advantage

(1) Accelerating choker opening and improving static response

“Acceleration” of Strong booster is realized mainly through improving the responding sensitivity of choker. When ECU finds that driver has the intention for acceleration, it will activate rapid opening of choker via circuit signals to improve the responding sensitivity of throttle.  Long-term use Strong booster, increase throttle response sensitivity, so that can remarkably decrease the carbon deposition of engine, stable the speed, make engine response sensitive, keep engine new.

(2) Amplifying throttle signals and improving dynamic response

When accelerator treads on throttle pedal, Strong booster will calculate the alteration rate of throttle signals according to treading depth and time. Alteration rate is in proportion to accelerating requirements. Strong booster will enhance such alteration rate and finally realize maximum dynamic response of auto acceleration.

(3) Providing false driving style for ECU’s adjustment of engine parameters

ECU of modern engine generally has the capacity of self-adapting driving style. If driver often treads on throttle quickly to a considerable depth (also known as pulling speed), ECU will gradually consider that the driver’s style tends to be “violent”. In this way, engine will slowly adjust choker and fuel spray system, etc. to obtain optimal adjusting parameters of engine under this style. After Strong booster is used for a long time, even if the driver drives the car with previous “mile” driving style, engine will still acquire experience of “violent” driving, which is equivalent to the adjustment of ECU parameters. At the long last, engine will automatically amend its parameters to adapt to such driving style.

2. Misunderstandings

(1) Manual transmission type car throttle and clutch matching difficult increases, after installed Strong booster, throttle pedal is too sensitive, need more accurate matching between throttle and clutch to keep previous effect. This is similar that clutch depth affect the start, deep clutch is easy to control but operating travelling is big, shallow clutch operating traveling is short but difficult to control, throttle pedal also likes that.

Tip: Throttle and clutch matching depends on the driver depressing force on throttle pedal, so manual transmission car installing Strong booster wouldn’t increase the matching difficult between throttle and clutch, furthermore, installing Strong booster doesn’t change original oil path and circuit.

(2) Increase fuel consumption. Strong booster speeds up the throttle response, equals to driver trend to ‘violent’ style, so will increase fuel consumption about 2-8%.

Tip: Strong booster has multiple modes adjustable, choose comfortable mode wouldn’t increase fuel consumption; choose fuel saving mode can save certain fuel.

(3) At night driving sight is not so well, rainy or snow day causes road wet, hard acceleration would decrease driving safety. But Strong booster can’t close freely (except dismantle it), makes inconvenient to users.

Tip: Strong booster is optional for suitable mode as per different road conditions. In rainy, snowy day or night driving, is able to choose original mode to avoid accelerating traveling.

Summarize above content, the advantages of Strong booster actually used in cars comparing with the car not install Strong booster:

(1) Increase throttle pedal sensitivity, car start doesn’t have delay and realize overtaking car easily.

(2) Long-term use Strong booster can remarkably decrease the carbon deposition of engine, stable the speed, make engine response sensitive,  keep engine new.

(3) Strong booster has more than 20 years lifespan, far exceeds car lifespan.