Strong Booster works?-Car drivers installation and using experiences

All kinds of claims about car strong booster’ effect and harm on the internet, if you never try, you will curious about it! OK, let’s firstly remove those who know theory but never practice!

Deng xiaoping said, practice is the sole criterion for testing truth.

Strong booster certainly can't improve the speed limit, but has obvious effect for the most commonly used 0-60 speed improvement, and this effect is different from the felling of deep step on the gas. Many people say Strong Booster enlarge the accelerator, I agree with the principle, while the actual feeling is different from deep step on the gas pedal to speed up. When you have a deep step on the gas pedal, you will feel a obvious stagnation of half a second before reached your required speed, while this smart device directly reach your needed speed, meanwhile, you can’t feel any stagnation. This is the difference.

People have difference driving purpose, just like study. Someone want to be a officer in the future, someone for finding a good job, while a part of people they are fond of learning. Driving is the same, i like the car give fast response when i step on the gas, Strong Booster can’t increase power, but it can give me power instantly, this is the reason why I like it. I am a car owner with installation it, i kicked down my car couldn't realized overtake when red light turn green before, while half a step on the gas can do it now.

Secondly we will remark on a meaningless report 《Mythbusters(9)Just a illusion!Strong Booster actual test》 from Autohome!

(Below is a comment under article from a car owner who installed strong booster, everyone can look over the detailed!)

No matter Strong Booster is useful or useless, let’s discuss the author’s contradiction and distorted viewpoint first.

1). Original article: “ when i see increase car power, oil-saving and environmental protection, reduce the carbon deposition and the etc. function introduce”

Mistake: whether the website instruction on picture 2 or the product introduce in picture 3, both are not mentioned can increase the car power.

2). Picture 3 shows the specification of Strong Booster (No Hand Tuning), while the installed product is Strong Booster(Hand Tuning). Is this the tester's wrong installation by chance? Or ulterior motives?

3). Original article:“under Sport mode, when light step on the gas you will feel car become more fierce rushing when compared with without installation, also feel a more sensitive response.Sensuously, Strong Booster can make car quickly start when open Sport mode.”

But power curve completely contrary as the author wrote, under Strong Booster mode will obviously slow in the first seconds, it is completely opposite as the author wrote quickly start. Why? And G value is not as good as car original mode.

On the premise of same road condition, the same vehicle weight and the same additional weight inside the car, maybe the author has a perception problem, or there is a problem when throttle control, or put the wrong picture.

The same as the beginning said, i don’t know whether it works or not, i haven’t experience before, i plan to install so that read carefully, but above mentioned problem makes me really confused, so i think i can get finally answer with install it.

Strong Booster is different from kick down, Kick down the accelerator is also slow.If can accept or gentle driving style friend, install or not doesn’t matter, but to improve the accelerator’s sensitivity, it is useful, hope Autohome don’t point cover and 100% negative.If there are something useful I hope you can share,it is the function of BBS, also the purpose of drives go to BBS. Everything has a good side and a bad one, good to praise, the lack of one side also pointed out.Please don’t under the banner of explaining the rumor everyday, while explains make people firmly believe it is false. The best is discuss this topic first, many drivers will sure to take an active part in, then get the final decision, otherwise it is unfair. We shouldn’t let our BBS totally to be car manufacturers’ selling website.

I installed a set of Strong Booster this afternoon, i always thought Strong Booster was useless after read this post.Today, i experience and find it is actually  accelerator amplifier, but we should be clear that this is not an acceleration of 0 to 100. From 0 to 100, I believe that most people can't reach the data provided by car manufacturer without good driving skills and methods, there is a big difference between a launch and a boom accelerator when start. The sensitivity of the throttle is obviously increased after install, and throttle reaction time was shortened clearly when rapid acceleration, Strong Booster’s function is not improve 0 to 100. Manufacturers are not propaganda this, please don’t misunderstand, this is a product of the development of auto, is a part of demands of different operation requirements, also a kind of driving style. Like advanced cars have many driving mode, while our original car don’t have such mode so need to install one set. I believe that the principle should be the same, if not, the purpose must the same, just another method to realize. For example, BMW 3. 0T engine, 1250 RPM will be able to send 400 cattle torque so that can quickly start with low speed, but our car is naturally in the air, only by high speed to bring high torque, so Strong Booster can quickly improve the engine speed so as to bring high torque. Increased fuel consumption is inevitable.

The test on Autohome said, after switch into EC model, speed can only step to 4000 rpm, so installed car owners can have a try, whether only can reach to 4000 rpm or not, then you will know the test tells a lie on Autohome.

Why Autohome write like this? Because we are concerned about the results under EC mode. In order to avoid this problem, he said he could not step on it. In fact, no matter what mode, you can step more than 6000 rpm. Can only get the answer that Autohome lies, or the accelerator doesn’t step on the bottom.