Strong booster is useful?

Strong booster collects sensor signal of throttle pedal, amplifies proportionally then send to ECU. After install Strong booster, throttle pedal valid journey becomes shorten, unit journey signal strength increase. Strong booster is customized designed for car lovers, has manual transmission and automatic transmission controller.

Install Strong booster is really useful? What kinds of car fits to install it?

Automatic transmission car start power insufficient, accelerating slow, except AT system its self characteristic, during ECU tuning set time delay and slow down of pedal signal, limit the engine instantaneous output power to get fuel saving and environmental protection.

Strong booster amplifies signal, ECU would misunderstand that driver prefers intense driving and initiatively reduce the lagging. For drivers who usually in gentle style driving, will feel obvious change. For example, for car owner who usually start car by 1/4 depress, by 1:2 amplifying, ECU receive half depress signal, when car owner depress half, engine will work at full speed.

Users experience: car start obviously more power, accelerating quicker. Release engine potential power. Improve throttle delay, increase throttle response speed. Improve the gear shift blunt, optimize gear box shift, decrease the idle speed and gear box blunt, make driving more comfortable. Driving more smoothly, further, improve operational sense. OBD intact installation, plug and play, 5 minutes finish installation. Car lovers are assured our products.