Strong booster really saves fuel? Increases power?

Do you hear Strong booster? It is a small goods can save fuel and increase accelerating ability with intact installation.

Is really Strong booster able to increase power?  Also save fuel?

Car Strong booster realizes its work by a signal amplifier installed at throttle pedal, amplify original throttle opening electrical signal. Namely is that you step half, throttle valve open half in the original way , but under sports mode Strong booster will ‘amplify’ signal, so the throttle valve will be open to 3/4. It mainly changes the throttle opening under different modes.

Under fuel saving mode, power is weakened, front half part throttle engine speed doesn’t exceed 2500rpm. During traffic jam, the car will more smoothly driving and be more flexible easier in speed controlling under this mode. Return to smooth road, you will feel the throttle response is delayed, but not as obvious as under low speed, acceptable for car owner.

Original mode is same with not install Strong booster.

Under sports mode, the start will be quicker and easier, the throttle depress down time is earlier, obviously more power. During low speed, lightly depress throttle can keep smooth driving.

Under sports mode+ and racing mode, throttle response speed will be quicker, any small action under step will be amplified several times. During low speed, the smooth becomes not so good, the throttle depress and loose is abrupt, this mode doesn’t fit urban use.

Under comfortable mode, at beginning feel same with original mode, it need more time record to adjust according to driving habit.

How much fuel saved?

Except bring more power experience, fuel saving is one of selling points of Strong booster.

To test this mode, we choose the urban fast road in Shenzhen, the single traveling distance is 24 km, this road often has traffic jam, so the even speed is a little lower.

Because the Shenzhen urban road often meets traffic jam, the even speed is around 27km/h.

Full travelling air condition is set as 25 degree, open AC ECO, air amount one frame.

Mode Original mode Fuel saving mode

Meter display oil consume 6.5L/100km 6.1L/100km

Travelling mileage 96.6km 95.3km

Fuel consume volume 6.58L 6.04L

Actual fuel consume measured 6.81L/100km 6.34L/100km

Even speed 28km/h 27km/h

Comparing these two modes, fuel saving mode has dropped 0.47L/100km fuel consumption. Due to decrease throttle opening during accelerating stage, reach fuel saving effect. So if the throttle depress deeper and traffic more jam, the fuel saving effect is more obvious, Even up to above 1L/100km saving.