The function of Strong Booster will be the same with deeply step on throttle pedal? Fuel consumption will increase?

Strong Booster effect is same with deeply depress throttle pedal? Fuel consumption will increase?

We explain in detail. In this picture with screen Strong booster 7-MODE also called electronic throttle controller.

Below explain the function of STRONG BOOSTER  7-MODE throttle controller function:

It can freely control electronic throttle response speed. Not only can quicken throttle response speed, improve car instantaneous accelerating performance, but also can slow down throttle response speed to save fuel and make travelling more comfortable.

1. H1、H2、No、Ec four modes adjustable, 999 automatic mode, 888 manual mode,( comfortable mode, sports mode, fuel saving mode, automatic & manual intelligent switch)

2.  H1、H2 and Ec all have 10 degrees micro-adjustments, plug and play, no need any setting.

Some car owners don’t understand the product, for example, Mr Zhang ask: the throttle open speed is faster than before, is the close speed slower? In practice, I can deeply depress throttle pedal in the start, slowly loose pedal when close, will the effect is same?

The stepper motor speed controlled by throttle is impossible to exceed its limit, if exceed its limit, the fuse will be burnt, if not burn fuse, will burn motor, so it is not accelerating just easier to reach car limit, is it?

After install Strong booster, would be convenient to operate, but the engine gearbox will shorten lifespan (throttle opening would be bigger, violent driving), and fuel consumption will increase, does it?


Our answer:

1. Adjust to H1 and H2 modes, will quicken throttle response speed, quicken accelerating. Adjust to Ec mode will slow down the open speed, but the close speed is same as original car.

2. Engine is controlled by original car ECU, not throttle controller, to decide its power, so it would not burn fuse, except that original car has design deficient(this deficient is nearly impossible exist in original car).

3. If throttle controller can decrease engine and gearbox lifespan, why original car design such big throttle? In fact, the big throttle opening driving is little more wear than small throttle opening driving, but this wear can be almost ignored comparing to whole engine durability. Besides, long-term use small throttle opening, engine runs not smoothly will result carbon deposit etc problem.
4. Fuel consumption is depended by driving habit, furthermore, Strong booster has sports mode and fuel saving mode to choose, car owner can shift mode as per its own requirement.

5. Some performance cars and sports cars, the original car is equipped with this function, such as BWM M series M mode and Mercedes AMG series AMG mode, they use same technology principle (noted here refers to throttle control).