JC powerbox module

JC powerbox module

JC powerbox module computer is a new generation of engine power
management tool, which is based on "OBD"Ⅱ "get better power value and
save fuel for your vehicle. The (power module) computer willIt will show you
innovative engine performance. We adopt unique design to realize monitoring
andNew technology covering the original ECU microprocessor chip.This "OBD II"
power computer provides an internal processor to automatically monitor engine
parameters and learnUser driving habits to create a custom mapping, which
improves the engine power of the user's vehicleRate and efficiency.

Product content
1× OBD powerbox module
1× product user manual
1× product warranty card

Installation position of OBD2 interface
The OBD2 interface of the vehicle is usually located near the cab or under the
steering wheel. And you don't need tools to find this interface.

User guide
Please make sure you read the user manual completely before installing the product.
Warning: please make sure that there are no products occupying OBD2 plug,
such as GPS, Bluetooth and othersElectronic products as they may interrupt
the fire and fuel injection signals!
This guide describes the installation procedure for the OBD powerbox module.
All safety requirements are considered in the development, production and
quality control of the products described in this guide.

1.make sure that your car and all electronic devices areturned off ! Remove
the ignition key from the dispenser and wait for 5 minutes before starting
the installation process. (for sake of)To prevent damage to the electrical
components and systems of your vehicle, make sure you haveAll necessary
steps to prevent electrostatic discharge are in place).Choose to install the
device in a safe place. Do not attempt to open the device, do not delayLong
or short lines.

2.the original connectionInstrument panel (if any).

3.module computer analysis. At this time, theThe LED will light up, which
means the connection is correct. LED light signal depends on different
vehiclesBut different.

4.do not start the engine.(turn the key to the "on" state, and press the "start
button" for vehicles without key startNever step on the brake pedal or
start the engine. )

5.and the LED light will be temporarily off.After releasing the button, wait for 1
minute for the processor to retrieve data from the ECU. (OBD powerbox
module) will establish communication and connection with ECU.

6.restart the engine and let it slow down for about 3 minutes.
If there is no engineFault code or other wrong setting. To this end, initialization
is complete. You should be able to hearIt will start to run quieter than ever
before, with the detection of common state changes in the engineSmoother.

7.your driving habits data, once you have completed about 150 to 200 meters
Normal driving in (OBD powerbox module computer version) will complete
the matchingTo make the vehicle to play a better performance and fuel

After-sale service
Dear customers, thank you for choosing OBD powerbox module!In order to
ensure that our company can provide better services for the products you buy,
please be carefulRead the following instructions:

1. Within 7 days from the date of sale, in case of disqualification, damage, etc.,
consumers can use thisAfter sales service card to the dealer for replacement or
2.Within 7 days from the date of sale, the products with quality problems can be
replaced unconditionally.
3. The product warranty period is 1 years.

■.The following situations are not within the scope of after-sales service:
1.The product is damaged due to human factors or force majeure;
2.No after-sales service card;
3.Damage caused by failure to use, maintain or maintain the product in accordance
 with the requirements of the product manual;
4. The product exceeds the after-sales service period.

After-sales call: 4008-933-991

Product Features
1. Intelligent optimization computer
2. Increase fuel efficiency by 3-15%
3.Up power by 3-20%
4. Installation of OBD2 socket straight insertion without damage
5.Optimize the automatic wave box management program to solve
80% - 90% of the automatic wave gear shifting setback

Safety Working
The purpose is to increase the output power and torque of the automobile engine within
the maximum speed limit of the original safety threshold. For the involved phaseSome
of the modified parts can be adjusted adaptively to prevent the occurrence of unstable

Automatic Matching
The most advanced chip in China is used to achieve maximum efficiency in vehicle sensor,
ECU (engine computer) and (transformer)Speed box computer) data flow, within the
original adaptability and tolerance value of lossless ECU / TCU, through its data flowIt can
automatically modify the fuel / air-fuel ratio sum in real time according to the data of real

time temperature and oil productsIgnition advance and other data, through recording
and analyzing data from the car engine and your driving habits, swirl plug-inThe power
module creates a new custom data map that acts on the vehicle ECU to increase the
performance of the vehicle.As you drive, it constantly updates and fine tunes the data
map. You will drive the vehicle continuously toGet better power delivery.

Original plug & play
Data real-time docking through the OBD interface, without erasing the original vehicle
data, is different from other requirements on the marketECU for brush program /
irreversible implementation, OBD powerbox module belongs to plug and play,
non-destructive installation products.

Instant Recovery
After flameout, the product can be removed at any time. When the vehicle is disconnected,
the vehicle will immediately return to the front of the product installationNo need to worry
about the impact of the product on the original quality assurance.