JSK Engine performance upgrade system introduce

Shenzhen Strong Booster Technology Co., Ltd

I. [Product Introduce]

[Product Name]: Car ignition enhancer

[Brand]: Strong Booster

[Product Model No.]: JSK

[Fitted Car]: All global cars

[Accessories in Package]:

1. Plug connector 4-6 sets

2. Host  1 piece

3. In line tie  3 pieces

4. Manual and warranty card 1 lot

[Origin of Place]: A406 SuoJia comprehensive building, Gushu Hangkong Road, Xixiang Town, Bao’an District, Shenzhen City, China

[Warranty]: 3 years

[Product Function]

1. Use special wire harness which is free from wires trim problem, do not damage origin circuit of car, plug and play, do not need to initialize settings, do not need external power source, DIY 10 minutes finish.

2. The ignition enhancement rises original 12V to 18V, so that enhance 60% ignition efficiency of whole car, makes the ignition system more efficient burning, improve the car accelerator performance, increase the horse power of whole car, enhance torque and fuel efficient, the fuel consumption is able to lessen 5-10%.

3. The ignition enhancement makes the engine running more stable and powerful, sharply decrease the carbon deposition producing in firebox, meanwhile able to effectively restrain knockings, extend the engine service life, enhance cylinder pressure, torque enhancement more directly, effectively decrease engine noise and vibration when running, decrease the amplitude of side list when turning and phenomenon of waggle, the engine operation efficiency enhances wholly, greatly satisfied car owner.

II [Product Principle]

(1). JSK ignition enhancement improves the engine performance, there are many ways to improve the engine performance, the most directly and efficiently way is improving the burning efficiency, the ignition spark strength is one of the key factors to effect the burning efficiency. Ignition system plays an important role in gas engine cars, under different load and full speed scope the car engine is able to make the sparking plug generating enough and powerful ignition spark when appropriate, gas mixture in cylinder sufficiently burnt, burst into biggest power. In actual operation, there are many factors to effect the engine performance, such as ignition coil has bad performance, high voltage lacks, spark plug quality is not good, circuit transmission loss is big, battery aging, power source voltage unstable, the power supply is insufficient under lower speed etc.. The most popular improving way is to replace special metal spark plug and high voltage wires of low impedance and strong conductivity. But the improving is limited.

(2). JSK working principle. JSK ignition enhancement amplifies the original 12V voltage to 18V, 18V voltage conducts to spark plug by sparking coil, the ignition sparking is amplified directly, so that the engine burning efficiency improves, thus fuel consumption would be lessen much and engine performance improved, furthermore the discharge of carbonic oxide and hydrocarbon toxic waste gas would be decreased. The ignition enhancement has safe circuit protection function, to prevent the voltage automatically drop to 12V when fault occurs. Has automatic detecting high load protection function, when battery aging or engine starting etc high load would turn into low voltage condition, voltage will temporarily switch to 12V, after high load eliminate then enhance to 18V.

III [Questions and Answers]

1. Question: What kind of car can install JSK ignition enhancement?

Answer: All cars worldwide is available. Special wire harness model no. for special cars.

2. Question: JSK ignition enhancement is useful for original car without any modification?

Answer: JSK ignition enhancement can enhance the horse power of whole car, improve torque and fuel saving effect, increase 10-20% power, save fuel 5-10%.

3. Question: Install JSK ignition enhancement would have bad consequence for car?

Answer: JSK ignition enhancement doesn’t change the original car circuit, so would not damage car. In contrast, would improve the original car engine ignition system, effectively avoid engine carbon deposition, stable speed and more sensitive engine response and ever new.

4. Question: What is the life span of JSK ignition enhancement?

Answer: JSK ignition enhancement has 20 years more service life, longer than car.

5. Question: Is it obvious in accelerating and fuel saving of JSK ignition enhancement?

Answer: JSK ignition enhancement has very obvious effect in accelerating and fuel saving. As authoritative statistics, tested data by professional instruments, the power enhanced 10-20%, the fuel saved 5-10%.